A Greek Wine Lover’s Ideal Itinerary

When deciding on a travel vacation, the most interesting short trips are often a quick overview of everything iconic about a new place. In Greece, there are myriad things to appreciate.

It is commonly known that the Greek scenery is legendary, the people friendly and the food iconic. The opportunity to experience the beauty of this region while also sampling the wonderful local wines makes this a true oenophile’s trip.

Beyond looking at an expensive tour, planning a trip like this alone would usually be time-consuming. This article takes the worry and doubt out of the equation and makes it easy. It includes tips only locals know and manages to compile it all in a three-day trip. The piece even suggests places to stay to experience the local culture.

The trip as planned includes both big city stops and small mountain village vistas. The author gives sound advice on meal options, pairings and tour bookings for different types of travelers. From 4×4 Jeep tour folks to fine art lovers, this trip has something for everyone. The wine is the highlight and common thread throughout the journey. It’s all set against an unforgettable Greek backdrop of fun, food and celebration, which makes for an unforgettable adventure.

Depending on how much time your group has to explore the region, the trip can be a weekend getaway or planned as part of a larger European vacation. Either way, this visit to an emerging wine region will turn old world wine lovers into Greek wine aficionados.