Discover Debina and Athiri Wine

While Debina and Athiri grapes are both Grecian varieties used to make white wine, they come from extremely different climates. Exploring these two varieties can give wine samplers an impression of the diversity of Greek white wine, and a taste of the difference between the continental and island flavors.

Debina grapes originate from Zitsa, one of the coldest wine regions in Greece. While summer in Zitsa is warm and breezy, winter often drops fluffy blankets of snow across the vineyards. These temperature variations particularly suit Debina grapes, allowing them to retain their acidity and create outstanding sparkling and dry white wine. The crisp, clear essence of Debina is akin to the flavors of a fresh orchard, leaving lingering fruity sensations across the palate.

Athiri is a white wine grape that is native to the Aegean Islands. For centuries, Athiri grapes have been cultivated on the rugged islands to produce dry white wine, much to the enjoyment of Greece and the rest of the world. Athiri’s bright, zesty character pairs well with Greek flavors such as olives, capers and tomatoes. Athiri’s modest, unobtrusive flavors make it an excellent choice to become acquainted with the dry white wine of the Aegean Islands.

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