Explore the Wine Route of Dionysus

Do you ever find you yourself daydreaming about a wine vacation? Perhaps you should look towards the birthplace of great wine, Greece, where vintners have had thousands of years to perfect their craft.

When embarking on a Greek wine tour, there is a nearly endless supply of wines to sample from all over the country. A great place to experience these wines is the Wine Route of Dionysus. This wine route is named after the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. Many boisterous festivals have been held in Dionysus’ honor, and historians credit these festivals as being a major force behind the development of Greek theater.

On the Wine Route of Dionysus, merrymakers travel through Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the delicious wine. During the tour, there are countless opportunities to enjoy Greek culture and history. This is the perfect vacation for someone who wishes to experience the joys of Greek wine country.

Next time you daydream about a wine vacation, imagine it in Greece. Picture yourself on the Wine Route of Dionysus, touring vineyards, sampling world-class wine, and talking to winemakers in their natural element. Then, when you are done daydreaming, book a plane ticket and come experience Greek wine in its native country. It will be the trip of a lifetime.

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