Greece is the home of wine culture

Wondering where the first wine goblet came from?  Or who came up with the idea of enjoying wine and food together?  It’s the same people who invented Democracy: the Greeks. Much about Greek culture and wine culture can be found in Central Greece. The region is one of the country’s richest in historic, archaeological sites including Delphi, the mythical center of the ancient world, the Monastery of Osios Loukás and the dramatic Metéora peaks.

The ancient site of Delphi is breathtaking as it is built on sheer cliffs. A day of climbing and hiking in the region will earn you a good glass of refreshing Malagouzia at the day’s end. The Byzantine monastery of Osios Loukás — where in the 11th century, a local hermit, Luke of Steiris, lived in a small oratory —  is among the most beautiful in Greece. The mountain peaks of Metéora are a majestic spectacle that will remind you that Greece is the third most mountainous country in Europe, a good reason to enjoy a crisp wine made from a blend of Xinomavro, Krassato and Stavroto.

It’s an extraordinary trip of cultural richness and food and wine pleasures, although that’s pretty typical for all of Greece.

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