Greece’s Perfect Terroir for Wine

At first thought, Greece doesn’t come to mind as having the best terrain and climate for great wine.  But did you know that Greece is the 3rd most mountainous country in Europe? Add to that more than 8,000 miles of coastline and Greece offers an extraordinary ecosystem for vineyards.

The coastal areas tend to be flat and agricultural. They then sweep up through valleys into the mountains. This means that cool, moist breezes come every night up the valleys to irrigate the vineyards, which are often located on steep slopes. Then the sun comes out the next day to warm up the vines and ensure grapes bursting with flavor. Most of the islands of the Aegean Sea have vineyards too and here, the sea again plays a pivotal role with dense evening fog irrigating the vineyards before the sun comes out the next day. And in Greece, the sun always comes out!

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