Pairing Delicious Greek Dessert Wines with Delectable Desserts

Enjoying a delicious dessert is a great way to spend the evening. Many desserts can also be paired deliciously with wine – especially Greek wines, which are known for their sweet choices.

The most noble of sweet wines is Samos. Pairing this honey-like wine with holiday pies is one of our best recommendations. If your dessert contains fruit, drinking a glass of Samos will enhance your dining experience.

You are a wine lover, so why not try a glass of Vinsanto? Santo stands for Santorini, which will recall strong images and amplify the emotion in your banqueting table. The intense flavors of nuts, dried fruit and caramel give this wine a truly unique blend. A salty cheese, i.e. a Roquefort, or a chocolate dessert pair splendidly with this wine choice. If you have never had either, try them for yourself.

Mavrodaphne of Patras is a sweet red wine with a thicker, flavorful, luscious taste. If you have a sweet tooth and love chocolate treats, choose a glass (or a bottle) of Mavrodaphne of Patras to pair with it.

No matter what delectable desserts you like to enjoy – we like many! – there is a Greek dessert wine to pair with it.