The Real Scoop on Greek Wines

Take’s advice that wine cannot be separated from Greece. After all, Greece is home to the second-oldest grape wine remnants discovered, and boasts the world’s earliest evidence of crushed grapes. Its wine-making roots trace back over 6,500 years. In fact, Greece established part of Italy as a vineyard, naming one Italian peninsula “land of vines”; Greece may also have introduced viticulture to both Spain and Portugal.

While Greek wines can be hard to pronounce, the work is worth it. Since Greeks still believe that wine and food should go together, Greek wines are specifically made to pair magnificently with food. They are relatively low in alcohol with crisp acidity, which makes them a perfect pairing for a wide range of cuisines. Choose a Greek wine you like, and take a sip of history.

For Evan Turner, sommelier and self-proclaimed “Greek food and wine crusader,” Greek wine runs in his blood. Here are five Greek grape varietals he believes you will want to know about: The Real Scoop on Greek Wines.