Wine as a Way of Life

Ask a Greek what life is like in Greece and you’ll hear them talk about the sun, sea, food, wine, culture and history.  Ask a tourist about their trip to Greece and they’ll tell you the same. These are the components of Greek life and wine appears in every facet.  It’s no wonder with a wine culture that goes back 3,500 years that Greeks have built a social structure of which wine is an integral part.

Greeks love life and living and are renowned for their celebratory lifestyle and for warm nights of eating, drinking and dancing.  Most Greeks are religious and Easter is the most important holiday as it is a time to travel to the village where their family began to celebrate the holiday and life.

With both an ancient tradition of introspection and ethical inquiry, and also to one of the most heart-healthy diets in the world, the Greeks know a thing or two about how to live a good life.  Read this article for 11 Greek secrets to living well.

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