Wine Worth Going to War for

In 418 BC, Athens and Sparta fought the largest land battle of the Peloponnesian War in what is known as the First Battle of Mantinea.  After your first taste of Mantinia’s wine made from the Moschofilero grape, you’ll know why the region is so prized today.  To really know if this was the cause of war, you’d have to ask a Spartan, as they were the ones who won.

Imagine sitting in a rose garden sipping wines reminiscent of grapefruit and you’ve got the idea behind Moschofilero.  These are tangy and refreshing wines with flavors of citrus and minerals.  Think lemon, capers, fish and tomatoes and you have the ingredients for the perfect Moschofilero match.

Mantinia is on the eastern side of the Peloponnese Peninsula in southern Greece and its vineyards can be found in a valley around 2,000 feet above sea level.  By comparison, most of Napa Valley is at 100-500 feet above sea level.  The effect on Moschofilero is that the vineyards are in cooler climates so the wines are more similar to what one might expect from a Northern Climate.

Ask for a Moschofilero wine at your local retailer but be on notice that you may love it so much that you’ll go to war over it.

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