World’s Most Unusual Vineyards

You may be used to seeing vineyards in neat, straight rows.  But that’s not the way they do it in Santorini, one of Greece’s most fascinating islands and the producer of some of the best wines using the Assyrtiko grape.  The vineyards are exposed to the sea and the wind blows too hard on the island to plant vineyards the usual way.  So they grow in clumps or baskets that are low to the ground and retain the moisture that collects during the night.  It practically never rains there.
Now if you think that’s strange, sommeliers are consistently fooled when they taste Assyrtiko wines as they think they’re from a cool northern climate.  Sommeliers love them and you’ll find them in the best American wine stores so give them a try or, even better, take a vacation to this fascinating Greek island. Read more.